Monday, July 20, 2015

Repurposing a Lamp

Life has been a bit crazy. I just finished a 6 week rotation that averaged 16 hours/day- not including study time.  Toulouse (the cat) found very creative ways to communicate her displeasure, including the knocking over and shattering 3 panels on of my lovely slag glass table lamp. 

Looking into having them replaced, local businesses cited me $70-120 per panel. Eep! 

The lamp was temporarily placed by the door for future transport to the dumpster, an act that I procrastinated on because I loved that lamp. It was like having a canker sore. It was there, it annoyed me and yet I continued to look at it (poke at it with my tongue) and be annoyed.  

Well, annoyance and procrastination paid off!  It struck me that I could still use the shade in some way; so I glued the largest pieces of broken glass together. And, as is apparent by my overgrown flat, that way of repurpose (of course) was as a planter!   I angled the broken bits to the windows so they're not as apparent.  My little herb garden is stylin' now and Toulouse is saved, yet again, from a future as kitty-burgers. 

Here's the planter surrounded by some recent brunch offerings: 

And of course, the main room has been rearranged yet again.  Here is a sneak peek at a future post.