Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Big Switcheroo

I'm studying for the USMLE step 1- which means a solid 12-14hrs/day at my desk.  I've been increasingly frustrated by
a) my cat usurping my books for a perch to spy on the wildlife
b) the brilliant sun that shines directly into my eyes for 5 hours/day & obscures the computer screen.

So I decided to switch the table & the desk. It was originally intended to be temporary solution but I actually really like the change. The white table reflects more light into the room & it better fits my little dream of a pretty solarium. Maybe I'll keep my eye out for a white cast iron bistro table.

I also really like the functionality of the desk in the main room. I've put my work-shelves & the occasionally-used printer in the closet & looking out onto the library shelves actually inspires me to focus on work.  All in all, I'm pleased with this offering to the gods of procrastination.

I'm still juggling the plants around which is why there's some variation in the photos.

I'm also very happy to better show off the lovely lyre legs of the desk. It screams English manor library to me.  Because the sari wainscoting visually competed with the desk and the combo darkened that corner of the room, I took it down. Because I'm a magpie & like to look at my shiny things, I was compelled to display it somewhere else:

So dear reader, tell me if you like the new changes or if you think I should revert to the original layout.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Kitchen Shelf above the Door

I've been trying to streamline my kitchen lately.  I like its quirkiness but don't like how visually cluttered it is. Ironically, I added some things to detract from that clutter.

A shelf above the door is now home to my goblets, the extra spices, reusable grocery bags & that plant that was struggling to survive over the stove.

The McKenzie-Childs bag (home to bulk spices) had been hanging behind the shelves on the fridge. To complete that now empty space, I hung a mirror that had been languishing in my closet. I really like that rich burnt yellow and how it's echoed in the check & stripes of the storage boxes/bags. 

I moved the black crystalline rock from the main room to replace the goblets. The sun now reflects off the pretty facets. 

What do the internets think?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Increased Stress = Increased Furniture Migration

My USMLE step one is rapidly approaching and I'm becoming increasingly anxious. When I become stressed, I nest. I think it's a holdover from my homeless years- 3 years of couch surfing & living out of a suitcase (long story).

Usually the nesting just entails rearranging plants and accents; last night though I had a vision! and decided to move my little bench to the sunroom.

I really like how the white brightens up the nook; it looks cleaner.  I can also see myself using it more, stretching out with a book in the sunlight.


I shifted the trunk/suitcase stack to behind the couch.

The side chairs were juggled too.  I had liked the symmetry of the bench in front of the fireplace but hated the blocked view. We have less symmetry here but can actually see the candles and Mackenzie Childs pegs now.  Dear reader, which did you prefer?

 here's the before:

Here's the new south view:


So tell me reader,  which do you prefer?  Do you have any ideas for change?  If you let me know your ideas, I'll try to do it & post the photos :) 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Apartment Tour

So I entered Apartment Therapy's small cool contest this year.  I'm both excited and nervous; they didn't choose to accept my entry last year & I have fingers crossed that they'll change their minds this time around.

Looking over previous years' winners, I know that I have no chance. Some people have such amazing places.  But I'd love to get critical feedback on my home. (hint hint- if any of you brilliant readers have ideas, gimmee!) Though there is huge room for improvement, I think I've run out of ideas of my own (that fit my budget & time constraints).

Anyway, I'll post the link here if I do get chosen. In the meantime, here's a more complete (than the 5 photos they allow) tour of my little sanctuary.

vote for me please!
vote for me please!
vote for me please!

thanks :)
Here's the contest link: Katherine's Tropical Sanctuary