Thursday, May 8, 2014

My little art collection

I recently posted about my salon wall of travel memories.  In reflection though, I've realized that, though those memories are rich, more treasured ones grace all the walls of my apartment.  So much of the artwork that hangs was crafted by people I've loved.  Brace yourselves for a slideshow of indulgence:

These watercolors were painted by my very talented grandma. (the gilded frame was a thrift shop find)

My grandpa was also a gifted artist. His paintings are treasured in my family & I'm fortunate to have inherited two! 
 I remember being a little girl & fantasizing that the cave was the home of Pete's dragon.  My inspired adventures would occupy me for hours.

I did relief work for Haiti and in Viet Nam.  These paintings were given to me by people that I had worked with. 

Sammy, the lion, graced my great-grandma's house for 50+ years.  He's such an imposing presence,  he lounges in the background of all of my memories there.

A former love gave me this piece for my birthday. It was created by his incredibly talented sister.  When I see it, I'm reminded of some very happy days.

These were paintings that had belonged to my great-aunt. 

And the following paintings, I did myself when I dabbled with the idea of becoming an artist. As you can see, I had more enthusiasm than talent.

The beads are Greek prayer beads.

And finally, the following are batiks from Ghana and India.

So much of the art in my home was crafted with love by people who loved me.  That makes for the very best memories.

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