Sunday, May 4, 2014


My landlord prohibits painting. I don't know why.. but he does.  Most of my decor decisions are geared around adding color in a cohesive way.  I do like me some color.  One of my favorite results is the 'wainscoting'.  I had used the rich scarlet and gold in the sari for inspiration but didn't have a way to display Indian souvenir directly. I had seen people hang fabrics on walls as art but a) I didn't have the wall space and b) my room was already really eclectic and I needed a little more 'tailored' in it.

At the time, I was putting up bamboo fencing as wainscoting in the bedroom (epic fail- it was so dark!) and I thought, hey!, let's try it with the sari! So 10 minutes & about 20 staples (just the regular old paper staples- no damage to wall or fabric) later, I had my pretty little improvised 'dining room' wainscoting.  It had the benefit of defining the dining area from the rest of the room.  And it's pretty :)



  1. I just found your blog via Pinterest ( I tried to comment on another post but it didn't seem to take) I LOVE your decor! This "wainscoting" idea is SUPERB. Wonder if I could share some pictures of your place on my little blog?
    Maybe shoot me an email if you're into it?
    Look forward to hearing from you...

    1. Andrea- what an awesome compliment! I checked out your blog & and definitely feel some kindred spiritness going on :)