Sunday, May 25, 2014

Increased Stress = Increased Furniture Migration

My USMLE step one is rapidly approaching and I'm becoming increasingly anxious. When I become stressed, I nest. I think it's a holdover from my homeless years- 3 years of couch surfing & living out of a suitcase (long story).

Usually the nesting just entails rearranging plants and accents; last night though I had a vision! and decided to move my little bench to the sunroom.

I really like how the white brightens up the nook; it looks cleaner.  I can also see myself using it more, stretching out with a book in the sunlight.


I shifted the trunk/suitcase stack to behind the couch.

The side chairs were juggled too.  I had liked the symmetry of the bench in front of the fireplace but hated the blocked view. We have less symmetry here but can actually see the candles and Mackenzie Childs pegs now.  Dear reader, which did you prefer?

 here's the before:

Here's the new south view:


So tell me reader,  which do you prefer?  Do you have any ideas for change?  If you let me know your ideas, I'll try to do it & post the photos :) 

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