Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sammy, Front and Center.

Yes. I had an OSCE on Thursday and a shelf exam on Friday.  Y'all know what that means.....  An OTTGOP!  (offering to the gods of procrastination).  This time it was a rearrangement of the living room furniture and a new feline migration.  Sammy has finally returned to the main room.

Sharp eyes may notice that he's had a bit of a makeover with the help of some gold paint for his frame.  I really like how he pops now. 

The mirror that was in that place has made its way underneath the mantel.  I'm pleased with the way that this turned out. The green satin cloth that was there had just a touch too much yellow to go with the drapes and rug. Now it's not so emesis-colored.  

Tell me what y'all think.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Small Cool Rejects

Hello lovely internet people!

I'm excited that it's the time of year for Apartment Therapy's Small Cool Contest when hundreds of average people submit photos of their homes for our viewing pleasure.  As y'all know, I like to rearrange stuff in my apartment and try new ways to decorate/organize/create comfort in my little nest.  It's inspiring to peek at the different ways other people people do the same.

Last year, I was fortunate to have my entry selected to participate in the contest. I have my fingers crossed that the powers that be at AT will see something worthy in this years entry.  As you know, we're only limited to 5 photos to represent our home and anyone who is a bohemian maximalist knows that that is no where near enough to show off all the pretties.

So here I present to you, the photos I've taken that did not make the cut. Cheers!

P.S. If my entry is selected to participate, I'll add the link to this post so anyone in the mood can vote for me!

Here's the link!!!  small cool 2015