Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Salon Wall

Like many people, I have lots of little treasures that I've collected on my adventures. This salon wall allowed me to show some of them off.  I like that the wall is not the 'main wall'; it puts the display to the periphery of the room and so it isn't a focus in the social area.  These are my memories and I like to share them but only if people are really interested.

Growing up, I hated when relatives pulled out the projector to show off their endless photos of the RV trip to the neighboring state.  I could only see so many pictures of rocks & leaves & itty bitty birds way off in the distance before I got bored.  I figure the salon wall is my version of the slideshow.  And so, off to the side!

For those who are interested, here's a list of where everything came from:
1. rice paper painting: Viet Nam
2. gourd ornaments: Peru
3. 2 papyri: Egypt
4. big mask: Puerto Rico
5. leather mask: Italy
6. gourd mask: Dominican Republic
7. orange plate(s): Viet Nam
8. elephant mask: India
9. face mask: Thailand
10. the spoons: Russia
11. butterfly: Peru
12. painting was done by me 
13.  Rorschach blot is part of a set that had belonged to my psychologist father
14. mirror: local thrift shop, lanterns: world market, gold mask: Pier 1

The black chest & briefcase had belonged to my father. The tan suitcase had been my great-grandma's (a traveler who put my adventures to shame- she was going on camping safaris in her mid 70s). That suitcase is much better traveled than I am.

The book is our family bible: 9 generations of births, weddings & deaths written in the pages & an antique photograph of Teddy Roosevelt for some strange random reason that was lost with time.

The rattan box is Mackenzie Childs (awesome store- but way expensive. I have family in the Fingerlakes, Barn Sale baby!) and the wooden box is thrift. As is the chair.

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