Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Kitchen Shelf above the Door

I've been trying to streamline my kitchen lately.  I like its quirkiness but don't like how visually cluttered it is. Ironically, I added some things to detract from that clutter.

A shelf above the door is now home to my goblets, the extra spices, reusable grocery bags & that plant that was struggling to survive over the stove.

The McKenzie-Childs bag (home to bulk spices) had been hanging behind the shelves on the fridge. To complete that now empty space, I hung a mirror that had been languishing in my closet. I really like that rich burnt yellow and how it's echoed in the check & stripes of the storage boxes/bags. 

I moved the black crystalline rock from the main room to replace the goblets. The sun now reflects off the pretty facets. 

What do the internets think?

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