Saturday, May 10, 2014

bathroom ferns

Every few months, I get a little $6 orchid from Trader Joe's instead of cut flowers. They never live past the bloom (my thumb is more gray than green) so I have a bunch of the little pots cluttering up the cupboard under my sink.  I've read that ferns do well in the bathroom so I picked up some from HD ($1.99/ea), potted them in those leftover pots & suspended them with twine from little cup hooks.  The project cost less than $10 and took all of 15 minutes.  


  1. These little ferns are adorable. I cannot believe that your thumb is anything but green because you have such lovely plants throughout your apartment!

  2. @Jessica- Thanks! I have the upmost respect for the plants in my apartment. They're the ultimate survivors, nothing is going to kill those suckers. I've lost many poor unfortunates over the years.