Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thrift Shop Find and a Sunroom Transformed

 I found this little iron table and chairs for $30 at a local shop. It was dusty with a green-grey antiqued finish but it was the perfect size for this little corner. Away with the conference table, 3 cans of glossy spray paint and an hour later, the sunroom begins to look like my fantasy of a garden solarium. 

I moved the pathos to over the table and fastened the branches with a couple of cup hooks.  I can't wait for it to stretch out and cascade down the walls.

Here's the before for reference:


  1. Love!!! Your plants are magnificent. Your photos are so deceiving about the size of your apartment. It's awesome!

  2. Hello, Kate. I was thrilled to see your room for color entry, had actually been watching for it in fact. It has come to my attention that I owe you an apology for my reply there. Apparently, my tongue-in-cheek comment about your glorious lion litho was interpreted by others as rude and disrespectful. It was anything but...quite the opposite.

    Bottom line, my account was suspended in part due to my quirky comment to you. I see no way to contact you privately, thus my post here. I pray you receive this message as my account there has been suspended (basically, I have been banned from the site). I am horrified and embarrassed *any* of my comments might be construed negatively. I would never....never...not ever....

    I even posted a link to your blog in my reply in hopes that it would result in more votes. Aieeee! Kicking myself here, I am so incredibly sorry if my post came across as negative. Please forgive me. I am still disappointed you did not win the small cool contest. I could write a book about the inspiration you have provided me through your shared photos. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I'd post a public apology 'there'....if only I could log on. [My comment was removed but your reply to me remains. And btw, I'm still drooling over Sammy;)] Please forgive me if my comment caused discouragement in any way. Omigoodness. The very thought is heartbreaking.

    Fwiw, I do not have a fb acct, or any social networking site acct, nor do I 'follow' any blogs.. Your blog alone is bookmarked and I check it occasionally. Again, heartfelt apologies if I have caused discouragement in any way. Praying you come out on top re your recent entry.

    Best wishes, from the bottom of my heart.

    1. When I had seen that your comment had been taken down, I was pissed. The censorship on AT is one of my biggest peeves in i-net world and that it happened on my entry... well, I was not happy. One of my motivations for entering the contest had been to get honest feedback/ideas about the apartment from differing perspectives.

      Your comment, tongue-in-cheek nonwithstanding, was nothing but respectful and civil. It had never crossed my mind that it was anything to be upset about. In fact, I'm still looking for a little green rug for the table area :). I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. Though I try to be polite, my own commentary on AT is not always flowers and balloons.

      You should just chalk the entire episode up to over-zealous censorship by the editors. It reflects poorly on them, not you & your comment.

      Cheers, Katie