Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bedroom Drapes

My landlord updated the outdoor lights.  This has been great in eliminating the late night key fumbling but has resulted in a 10 million watt (mild exaggeration) spotlight that shines into my bedroom all. night. long.  So I headed to IKEA for some blackout curtains. I'm thrilled that they were so inexpensive (less than 50$ including the rod) but I wish they were about 5 inches longer. *shrug* Maybe a future project would be to add length and make them two toned.

I added the blue voile to the panels behind the bed but kept the white for privacy during the day when the velvet panels were open.

As you can see, Sammy has a new home guarding me whilst I sleep. 

While at IKEA, I picked up 4 lamps, basic white cylinders that I lined up behind the bed for added light. One of my longstanding frustrations with the bedroom is its cavelike (i.e. DARK) quality.  These ( lamps really brighten the room.

All in all, the way the room has come together is really exciting.  I hope y'all enjoy :)


  1. What a beautiful room. I love the curtains around the bed. It is so cozy.

  2. You've created a beautiful room, such a cozy nest!