Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Glass and New Fish

Over the last few months, my flat has undergone many manifestations. I glanced at old posts yesterday and realized the photos are don't represent the current arrangement at. all.

I need to have an update post.  Maybe tomorrow?

In the meantime, here is the new witches' ball that my aunt gave me for Christmas.  Isn't it lovely?

Oh, I also, in a moment of mad impulsivity, bought a betta while picking up cat food at the local pet shop.  I quickly realized 3 things:

1. The little one gallon bowl wasn't nearly large enough for the poor thing.
2.  It was a chore to clean/change the water several times a week. And it was traumatic for Charybdis (the fish). (Yes, I know that Charybdis was a female sea monster and my betta is male. I think the Greeks had it wrong though-  a mouth that consumes everything is definitely a male trait.  Ironically, my Charybdis doesn't eat much at all.)
3. Toulouse (my cat) LOVED the open top.

This $5 thrift shop find, a 3 gallon drink dispenser solved everything!  I can let the water out through the spout and add fresh on top with minimal disturbance to the fish and mess for me to clean up. And the top prevents middle-of-the-night fishing excursions.


  1. Your place looks like such a vibrant tropical oasis in contrast to the scene outdoors! I love the fish "terrarium" too. What a clever idea. Can't wait to see the new arrangements...good to know someone else changes things around as often as I do :)

    1. Thank you :) I figure, beaten down by this cold Chicago winter, that if I can't go to the tropics, the tropics must come to me. I'll try to get some photos up soon.