Saturday, February 7, 2015

Framing the Kitchen

Some main room rearrangements left me with 3 unused thrift shop frames.  For months, I tripped over them when I went into my closet. Eventually, I decided to re-donate them and so leaned them against the wall near my kitchen door. I then tripped over them for 3 weeks while procrastinating on dropping them off.  Finally, as I was gathering them up to haul to the car, I looked up at the (not really) blank wall of my kitchen. Hummmmm. 

Here's the result: my effort to make common, oft used things (like keys, broom, dustpan) easily grabbable and yet deliberate.

Let me know if you think it works or if it's just cluttery.



  1. I like it - I think the frames are pretty cool! I also like the cutting board cut to fit perfectly on your stove. Great use of space.

    1. Thank you! I actually found the cutting board precut at Ikea for less than $10