Saturday, February 21, 2015

Welcome to the Jungle

My ordered fountain was a bust. It ended up being about 1/2 the size that I had envisioned and the video that I had watched to evaluate the sound was deceptively loud. The water flow sounded like a dripping sink rather than a soothing tinkle. Ugh.

So back to the drawing board.  In an amazing stroke of luck, I found an indoor/outdoor fountain on craigslist for $35. It's definitely more money than I had anticipated spending but it has a wonderful roar. Since I've plugged it in, I haven't been disturbed by my neighbors and it drowns out the sound of traffic. I also found out that the fountain retails for $200+ and so I've rationalized my splurge beautifully.

There was a small crack in the middle bowl that a bit of sealant fixed perfectly.

I did have to lay down a splash guard because the fountain creates a trace mist. I covered the plastic with a couple of natural rock mosaic tiles. A dozen succulents finish the tropical oasis.

And a short video that somewhat captures the sound: 

All in all, I'm very pleased with how the oasis turned out. 
Let me know what you think :)



  1. I adore your home, Kate - it is so wonderfully unique, beautiful and welcoming! Absolutely loved the idea of an indoor fountain. In fact, you made me think to move our fountain indoor - at least, during winter months when we don't spend time on our porch. How do you protect your beautiful wooden floors from the drips of water though? I couldn't tell from pictures what sort of rug you have in your gorgeous oasis.

    1. Thanks Natalia :) I don't have a rug in the oasis. I lined the area around the fountain with a plastic drop cloth and placed the fountain itself on a little bathmat on top of the drop cloth. The plants and the stone tiles (mostly) disguise the surrounding plastic. Fortunately the water splash is minimal. Unfortunately my cat now believes that the fountain is her own personal water dish.

    2. You did a great job disguising the plastic mat - I haven't even noticed it. Oh those cats! We have two! I thought immediately that they will own the fountain if it's in the living room.