Friday, April 18, 2014

Bathroom Dreaming

Anyway, back to my weekly projects: this past month, I've been focusing on the bathroom. I've always dreamed (hence the post title) of a spa tub with a tropical view. I know, I know.. Winter rental in Chicago? A tiny, 7x5ft room that I can't paint or make other major changes? I might as well shoot for a moon spa with a great view of the earth.  But I just finished this morning's goal of adding stones along the tub and am thrilled with the result.  They're not photographing well- I'm blaming my rinky-dink camera- so you'll have to trust my word on their awesomeness.

 I added the mirrors to make the room seem larger and to maximize light for the plants.  Fortunately, I'm extremely myopic without my glasses, so I only see a vague flesh-colored blob when I shower.

Here is my makeshift linen 'closet'.  Eventually, I'd like to get a square piece of marble for the top of the radiator. In the meantime, my dingiest towel goes on the bottom.  I like to use a sponge- rather than washcloths- so I thought the basket was a pretty way to display the extras.


  1. yeh, not working for me. Its kind of bad 80s decor and the mirrors are a little creepy

  2. I like this! Old school and eclectic. I love plants in the bathroom - feels like a place where they will naturally thrive. Hope you enjoy your chic little bathroom. Great job for a rental! Oh, and "rinky-dink" is one of my all-time-favourite adjectives! ~ kaye