Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Mantel

At first sight, I knew that the weird murphy bed cutout in my little apartment was really meant to be a fireplace.  Alas, my landlord wouldn't even let me paint, so I was afraid to ask about ripping the wall out and installing a chimney flue.  So for the next few months, my eyes were on the lookout for a mantel piece that fit my budget (broke college student). Craig to the rescue (his list anyway). Someone the next town over was offering this lovely little piece for $35.  It need no more effort than a couple of screws. The paint and molding fit seamlessly in with that of the unit.  Serendipity.

Since then, my apartment has grown up around the 'fireplace'.  A satin curtain hangs behind in an attempt to disguise its shallowness against the wall. Twigs gathered on a hike were lovingly painted white and arranged in imitation of a firescreen (which I couldn't afford).  Shelves were erected above the built ins to add a bit of library grandeur to the wall. Also my books spore like little gremlins. I blink and then there are 50 where 10 had been.

All in all, that weird useless little nook became one of my favorite things about my apartment.



  1. This is the second time I've gone to look at your apartment from one of your comments on Apartment Therapy. Our homes couldn't be more different, but I LOVE your apartment! You have great taste and a talent for maximizing your space. All the best to you as you finish medical school!

  2. @Patricia- what an awesome compliment! Thank you :)