Sunday, April 6, 2014

My room of many functions.

My apartment is about 520 square feet. I have a large front room that acts as my dining room, living room, office, library, sunny reading nook  and storage for everything that doesn't fit in the postage stamp kitchen and bedroom (like a dresser).  I tried to arrange the furniture in one large circle so that each piece could function as its primary use (table for dining, desk for study) as well as be easily incorporated into comfortable seating for socializing.  So here are the pics:



  1. Nova, Niisei, Thanks for the compliments! Over the last two years this little apartment has become my sanctuary. The desk was a flea market find several years ago in upstate NY. It was from an old library- I think 1920s. It needed some love- sanding and a polyurethane varnish on top but it fit perfectly into my fantasy of living in library and so was so worth the effort.